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Recovering Debt Owed to Your Company

There are many challenges to running a company, regardless of the type of business you are in or the size of your company. One of the most significant roadblocks in developing and growing your company is unpaid debts. If you are owed a considerable amount of money, you may need a Houston debt collection agency to help you collect what you are owed.

At Adams, London & Weiss LLC, we understand that debt recovery is a complicated and incremental process, which needs to be handled both delicately and aggressively. We have 30 years of combined experience under our belt and have developed a solid approach to commercial debt collection.

Our recovery and prevention services include many different components, such as:

  • Demand letters, faxes, and phone calls: It is hard to determine whether or not your customers are willing to pay right off the bat from our first attempt. However, creating a sense of urgency with an official letter, fax, or phone call can make an incredible difference. Generating this urgency may help get the money your company is owed sooner.
  • Asset and Liability investigations: If your client has made changes in their payment patterns or you are concerned about their ability to pay, we may need to do an investigation into their current financial status to prevent a problem from arising.

Providing Prompt & Efficient Service

Recovering debt can seem very daunting, regardless of the exact amount which your business is owed. This is why it is highly advisable to call in a professional team who specializes in this process. By hiring our company to take care of your debt collection needs, you can be left free to run your business and take care of your other obligations. Our ethical, professional approach involves recovering outstanding debts and helping you avoid debts from questionable clients.

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